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Wandering through the world of food blogs, the rise of Instagram recipe videos and the joys of a good Pinterest session, I come across so many differences between the ingredients and measurements that we all use in our baking. As you might have guessed, I’m based in the UK and I’m quite partial to using good old metrics – grams, millilitres, celsius etc. As there can be so much variation, I’ve put together a handy, printable infographic conversion table that you can download and keep in the kitchen drawer or with your favourite recipe book.

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Download Conversion Table

When it comes to converting weights into cups, it is a little more than just converting from grams, as the conversion will depend upon your ingredient; there are some of the most common ingredients cup measurements, that I come across, in the downloadable conversion table. A general rule is that 1 cup will be the equivalent of approximately 240g or 240 ml, and you can substitute in this way if you have no other measurements.

However, I can’t shout from the rooftops enough, that if you can work in grams for baking. It’s not because I’m one of those awkward Brits, but it’s just far more accurate. Baking is a science, and to get the best bake you need to be precise in your weighing. So if you do anything this weekend, invest in a set of kitchen scales and download the conversion table.

/before I sign off, it’s not just weights and measurements that can confuse in recipes but the ingredients too, and I often emails asking what golden syrup or double cream are, or can they be substituted with US equivalents. Yes, they can, and here they are, plus some others.


  • Golden Syrup = Light Corn Syrup (substitution)
  • Double Cream = Heavy Cream
  • Caster Sugar = Superfine Sugar
  • Plain Flour = All Purpose Flour
  • Self Raising Flour = Cake Flour
  • Self Raising Flour = All Purpose Flour, plus 1.5tsp baking powder per cup (substitution)
Recipe conversion table for weights, temperature, liquids and American conversions
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If there is anything else you’d like me to add to this list or the conversion table, please feel free to drop me a comment below. In the meantime, how about trying out my chocolate sundae cupcakes, rainbow bundt cake or cookie chip layer cake.

The conversion table is a PDF document and can be opened with Adobe Reader which is free to use.

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