Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes

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These Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes are one bowl wonders, spiked with a rich shot of espresso, a touch of chocolate and topped with the tang of cream cheese frosting, they’re ideal for mid-morning coffee breaks!

One bowl Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes spiked with a rich shot of espresso, a touch of chocolate and topped with the tang of cream cheese frosting

Wake up with coffee!

Hands up if you’re like me and can’t get through the day without coffee? Aha, good so I’m not the only one.

Coffee is one of my favourite parts of the morning routine. There’s nothing more calm and peaceful than arriving in the office before the masses, popping on a pot of coffee and making my breakfast, whilst that smooth aroma fills the air.

You know the one?

The one that comes with freshly brewed coffee, not the freeze-dried instant stuff out of a jar.

Add cake to your coffee time

How about cake? Coffee and cake go hand in hand, and as you might have already guessed by now, I’m a little partial to a baked delight, especially my coffee tray bake cake!

So what if I told you that you can have both together, and that coffee shop brew won’t look the same again, tempted? Then these chocolate mocha cupcakes are bound to impress, oh yes!

And the best bit, they really are quite simple to make and with just one bowl, you can have them in the oven in 15 minutes with minimal mess and washing up.

One bowl Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes spiked with a rich shot of espresso, a touch of chocolate and topped with the tang of cream cheese frosting

Now before you throw your hands up and say coffee’s not for you, hear me out.

We’re not talking about an in-your-face whack of coffee but more a smooth and subtle sweetness, that might take you a little by surprise.

I’ll promise you that even if you’re not the world’s biggest coffee fan, the combination of freshly brewed coffee with a hit of chocolate could change your mind!

Chocolate cupcakes lined up with chocolate and cream cheese frosting

Bring on the frosting

Right then, so let’s take a moment… you’ve got a batch of these beauties in the oven, what’s next? Frosting!

When I’ve made these chocolate mocha cupcakes before, I’ve topped them off with a coffee buttercream frosting. Coffee on coffee, with the chocolate in the cake balancing out the caffeine hit.

And if you’d prefer a stronger coffee cake, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same. But with these ones, we’ve got a double frosting going on.

I couldn’t resist the richness of a chocolate buttercream cut through with a tangy of a cream cheese frosting to get that creamy, sweet but slightly bitter taste of your local coffee shop chocolate mocha.

Finish off with a dusting of cocoa powder and chocolate coffee beans and you’re sorted. What do you think?

One bowl Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes spiked with a rich shot of espresso, a touch of chocolate and topped with the tang of cream cheese frosting

Why are these chocolate mocha cupcakes the best?

I can guarantee that if you whipped a tray of these chocolate mocha cupcakes at coffee time, they’d be inhaled in no time at all.

The real beauty with these is that although the chocolate is the main flavour, it is the coffee that steals the show.

The smoothness of the fresh espresso and the slight bite of the cream cheese mellows out the richness of the chocolate, harmonising all the ingredients together into one stunning cupcake.

Tips for picture-perfect cupcakes every time

So, are you tempted to swap your skinny coffee-choco-frappo-latte-grande for one of these chocolate mocha cupcakes and bury yourself nose deep in those buttercream frostings? Then check out how I get each cupcake the same, every time…

  • Don’t faff with spoons and trying to get the same amount in each cupcake case, instead use an ice cream scoop for just the right amount of cake batter every time
  • Bake your cupcakes in a deep muffin tin rather than a shallow fairy cake tin, and your cupcakes will rise nice and high rather than spread out
  • Use a large round nozzle to get smooth buttercream – you can swirl or just hold over the cupcake and squeeze to flood the top of the cake

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes”

  1. These look lovely, but I’m confused about the addition of 1/2 t baking powder OR 1/2 t baking soda. I thought these did different things to baked goods and really weren’t interchangeable.

    • Hi Peggie – both baking powder and baking soda are leaveners which means that they will give a rise to your cupcakes, in this instance.

      However they are chemically different. Whereas baking soda requires an acid for it to work with, such as the brown sugar or cocoa powder in the recipe, baking powder already contains both the acid, usually cream of tartar, and the baking soda.

      Just because the recipe contains the acid already doesn’t mean you can’t use baking powder; personally I prefer it. But some people prefer to use baking soda – hence why I include both in my recipes.

      However, I do recommend using self-raising flour which has a rising agent already in it; but I like to get a little extra lift, so always add an extra teaspoon, although it’s optional.

      Hope this helps!


  2. 5 stars
    These didn’t last long in the house… the hint of coffee with the chocolate and cream cheese frosting was so good!

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